"Deborah Turnbull writes darkly intimate poems that brim with unnerving imagery. She documents the linguistic violence in abusive relationships, and finds support in unexpected corners, drawing on a kaleidoscope of historical and biochemical registers. Here, a survivor is 'a double helix / building myself up from code.' Her sculpted phrasing evokes the intricacies of a range of other crafts, from Renaissance lacemaking to twenty-first century makeup tutorials, behind it all a delight in negative capability: 'Flit, be fickle and widen this same sky.' For all their bruising clarity, the reader leaves the sinister backstreets of Turnbull's poems recharged and enlivened."  

John McCullough author of Spacecraft, The Guardian's Best Books for Summer 2016.

Laura Wilkinson @ Creative Future

Deborah is an accomplished writer and an engaging, powerful performer. She demonstrates her commitment to ‘sending the elevator down’ to under-represented poets through her support for the work of Creative Future. Deborah is a dedicated and talented poet, who has faced and overcome many challenges.

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Deborah Turnbull's 'Foundling'... worries the boundary between nurture and manipulation with a persuasive narrative voice.

Luke Kennard,  author of Harbour Beyond the Movie, 

shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection.

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"Trial By Scar (Eyewear) turns poison into medicine. It’s a task that recalls the work of Thomas Hardy (‘If way to the better there be, it exacts a full look at the worst’), but with more urgency and unnerving precision...There’s a sinister taste of seduction to her morbid curiosity that strives to see us ‘enraptured with the flashes of gore, the mess’...The harshest of realities are dissected with surgical accuracy; showcasing the poet’s talent to arrest in so few words, and revealing a reserve of hope that will shake you to the core." 

Jade Cuttle, Sabotage Reviews.

There is a particular skill in laying down words on the page and allowing the reader to draw her own inferences. This poet has it.

Helena Nelson, poet and founding editor at Happenstance Press.

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